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Intech is a global market leader and game-changer in the manufacturing of orthopedic medical devices. It all starts with innovation, and nobody knows this better than Intech. With manu- facturing facilities around the world and unique initiatives and savoir-faire, Intech is at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of orthopedic device manufacturing as well as asset management, ensuring that optimal patient care is delivered day in, day out. This is who we are. We tech care.

Memphis, TN


Established in 2016, SteriTek has emerged as a well-recognized and trusted E-beam/X-ray partner for startups and global companies alike. We are growing to serve increasing demand with our new Dallas facility that opened in April 2023, and other facilities in planning stages. Particularly with sensitive materials, SteriTek has developed a proprietary system for optimizing E-beam/X-Ray sterilization of drugs/biologics, allograft/xenograft tissue product, combination devices and other complex products.

Fremont, CA

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Autocam Medical

Autocam Medical is a leading global contract manufacturer of precision-machined surgical drill bits, drivers, screws, plates, cutting tools, surgical implants, instruments, and handpieces. Our expertise in precision manufacturing, CNC machining, turning, and grinding allows us to produce essential components for use across the orthopedic industry.

Autocam Medical
Kentwood, MI

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Precision Medical Technologies

PreMedTec is a contract manufacturer of high quality, precision machined parts, offering High and Low Volume Production, Rapid Prototyping, Engineering Support with DFM, and Advanced Quality Inspection Techniques and Equipment. Comprised of three manufacturing facilities, PreMedTec offers unmatched customer service. Our customer focused factories are FDA registered.

Precision Medical Technologies
Warsaw, IN

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