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MPO Summit: What They’re Saying…


“We have found the MPO Summit to be an incredible value over the past several years. The events are extremely well organized and provide industry relevant content we feel would benefit anyone in the medical manufacturing industry. Also, the low-pressure networking events provide us the opportunity to connect with existing and new colleagues.”
—Dan Snyder, Sales Manager, Plastikos and Micro Mold


“The MPO Summit is well tuned to the medical device marketplace and particularly service providers in the business of outsourcing. They have been an essential part of Robson Advisors’ marketing effort, which has helped to establish our brand and make key connections within the industry. The team at MPO has been excellent to work with.”
—David C. Robson, Principal, Robson Advisors LLC


“I have enjoyed working with the MPO/ODT team for the last seven years. They have been very creative and accommodating, working to help me make the most out of my advertising budget. We have found the MPO Summits to be extremely beneficial and have continued to increase our involvement with them. We really appreciate all their help over the years.”
—John Woodhouse, Director of Sales and Marketing, MedBio


“Since inception, the Medical Product Outsourcing summits have been instrumental to my organization’s success and hold ‘priority status’ in my schedule. Whether I was leading strategic sourcing for one of the largest medical device OEMs in the industry, running one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing contract manufacturing organizations, or consulting with global clients, the MPO summits have been a must. The Affordable Care Act requires a ‘village’ to navigate. I can’t think of a better GPS than the MPO summits…along with the ‘village’ you will meet while you’re there!”
—Christopher A. Oleksy, Founder and CEO, Oleksy Enterprises/Co-Founder and CEO, Next Life Medical


“MPO has been a strategic partner for MTD for many years. They work with us to create customized and effective solutions for online, print, and their annual Summit event to help our company tell our unique story.”
—Lindsay Mann, Director of Marketing, MTD Micromolding


“As an experienced regulatory consultant, I am invited to present at many medical device industry events. The MPO Summit was one of the most well-organized conferences in recent years. Both the audience and venue were conducive to education and networking—key features I look for when deciding which conferences to attend and which not to. Thanks MPO; I look forward to participating again in the future!”
—Michael Drues, Ph.D., President, Vascular Sciences


“The MPO Summit launched several opportunities for my business with directed and specific industry experts and connections. To be in a room with so many industry insiders, medical device experts, and smart business people enables continued business growth and continuous learning from the important and relevant topics discussed at the forum.”
—Marissa Fayer, President, Fayer Consulting LLC


“The MPO Summit team does a fantastic job with the annual event. From a conference standpoint, it is continually evolving every year, featuring relevant, expert presentations that are informative for anyone in the medical device or outsourcing space. Also, the mix of representatives from OEMs, CMs, and service providers in attendance make it a valuable networking event.”
—Mark Bonifacio, President, Bonifacio Consulting


“The MPO Summit is about so much more than just manufacturing and outsourcing. It’s a timely snapshot of the medical device industry as a whole. The attendees and presenters are a cross-section of positions, industry subsets, and thought leaders. The Summit is also an environment for an open, productive dialog on topics often considered controversial and uncomfortable, but ones that must be addressed so we, as an industry, can move forward.”
—Dawn Lissy, Founder and President, Empirical Technologies


“While there are no shortages of industry conferences and meetings these days, MPO events have consistently been well worth attending. With interesting presentations, interactive forums, and a range of networking opportunities, the MPO meetings have always provided me with a number of great ideas and several new industry contacts. As a consequence, when deciding which conferences to attend, the MPO Summit is always a must-do.”
—Ben Dunn, Managing Director, Covington Associates